Windsor Hills & Clearwater Beach

Clearwater beach is the perfect daytrip from Windsor Hills Resort

Windsor Hills Resort - A day trip to this world class beach

The Windsor Hills Resort,
centrally located in Kissimmee
is perfectly located between both Florida coasts.

With Clearwater Beach to the west
along the Gulf of Mexico
and Daytona Beach to the east
along the Atlantic Ocean,

Windsor Hills is the perfect place
to call your home
while you enjoy central Florida.

So consider doing
what so many past guests
have done while staying
at this condo.

Think of the condo
as your Floridian home base

while you set out to see
more than just the thrills of Orlando.

Cocoa Beach, on the Atlantic coast
is only about an hour east of Orlando.

Clearwater Beach on the gulf coast
is about an hour and a half west.

Cocoa offers the incredible waves
that come splashing in along the ocean
while Clearwater stays true to it's name
with the calm waves from the Gulf.

Daytona meanwhile
offers you the chance
to drive your vehicle right on sand.

An experience that is quite unique
for most Orlando vacationers.

So if you'll be driving to Orlando
and happen to be passing by
one of these world class beaches

why not consider adding a day or two
to your already amazing
Walt Disney World vacation?

There is something to be said
for soaking in the sun
whilesipping a cold drink
along Florida's pristine beaches.