Windsor Hills Condo - Frequent Questions

Where is check-in?

Check-in directly to the condo.

What time is check-in?

Check-in anytime after 4:00 pm.

Can I check-in early?

Early check-in depends on the availability of the condo on your check-in day and must be prearranged with the owner.
Appropriate time must be given to the cleaners to prepare the condo on your arrival day.
Time must also be given to the property managers who will do their final walk through just prior to arrival.
Check-in will only be allowed after the final walk through was completed.

Can I check-in late?

Your family may check-in anytime at all after 4:00pm on your day of arrival.
The Windsor Hills security gate will gladly check-in your family 24 hours a day.

What time is check-out?

Your family may check-out of the condo any time prior to 10:00.
At 10:00am the cleaners will arrive to begin preparing the condo for my next arriving guest.

Can I check-out directly from the condo?

Yes.  You can check-out directly from the condo.  The condo uses a key less entry system.

We have a late flight out of Orlando.

Is there a place for us to leave our luggage after we've checked out?

No.  Unlike a hotel the condo does not provide luggage storage for guests after check-out.

Can we use the pool after we've checked out?

Absolutely, your family is more than welcome to enjoy the pool anytime at all from the morning on your check-in day until late evening on your check-out day.

Can my relatives stay with us during our stay?

Yes, your family and friends are welcome to stay or visit with you during your stay provided that there are never more than eight guests at the condo at any one time.
Eight guests meaning you and seven of your guests.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes, a $500.00 security deposit will be due 60 days prior to your check-in day.

Do you offer discount tickets to the theme parks?

Although we no longer offer discount tickets we will gladly refer you to a reputable online broker where you can safely purchase your tickets in advance.

Are there any other deposits?

No.  The only deposit that is required is a security deposit.

When is deposit returned?

Yes.  Your security deposit will be returned back to you
provided that the condo was left in the same condition that it was in when your family arrived.
For more information regarding the condo's security deposit review the condo's  "Rental Policies"

Will I need a set of keys?

No.  The condo uses a key less entry system.

I will need driving directions.

Driving directions to the resort will be provided once you book your stay at the condo.

We plan on using Uber or Lyft during our stay.

Will I need to call the security gate to alert them that my car will be coming to pick me up?

No.  Uber and other car services have permission to enter the resort without you first contacting the security gate.

However, they will need to know the condo owners name and address in order to granted access in to the resort.
Once they show this information to the guards they'll be given a temporary access card for the day.

Is customer service open 24 hours?

You may always contact the owner, 24 hours a day, with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Once you arrive at the condo you may also contact the condo's property managers as well.
They too will always be more than happy to assist you.

Are pets allowed?

No.  As much as I LOVE pets they are NOT allowed inside or outside of the condo at anytime.
No pets are allowed inside the building.
Many of my guests do have allergies and trust that my condo will always be allergy free.

Is smoking allowed?

No.  Smoking is NEVER allowed in the condo or anywhere within the condo building.
That includes the balcony.
Many of my guests do have allergies and trust that my condo will always be smoke and allergy free.

Is there a washer and dryer?

Yes.  A washer and dryer are provided at the condo.
The washer is a High Efficiency washer.
That means that it ONLY takes High Efficiency (HE) detergent.
Please only use High Efficiency detergents during your stay.

Can I stream movies like NetFlix during my stay.

The condo provides smart TVs which allow guests to stream video content during their stay.
Examples include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
However, the condo does NOT provide these services free of charge.

Many of these services require subscriptions NOT provided by the condo.
Guests sign in using their OWN Netflix accounts with their own passwords and email addresses.

The condo has multiple smart TVs, and each is considered one device, therefore guests can sign into multiple subscriptions during their stay but must also sign out from each device prior to check-out.

Failure by guest to sign out of any or all devices (TVS) that they signed into will result in their accounts remaining active on the device (TVs) even after they check-out of the condo.

It is fully guests responsibility to log out of all subscriptions PRIOR to check-out.
It is advised that guests log out of all subscriptions one day prior to check-out as it is quite difficult to remember to do so prior to 10:00 am in the morning of check-out.

Are disposable food items provided?

No.  Disposable food items are not provided.

Are there any consumable supplies in the condo?

For example:  shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent

No the condo does not supply these types of items.

Can I have Amazon, Target or Walmart deliver to the condo?

Yes, provided that you have someone at the condo in person to accept delivery.
No packages or food items will ever be left outside of the condo if you are not there to accept delivery.

Are linens provided?

Yes.  All linens, towels and pool towels are provided.
However it is guests responsibility to wash linens and or towels for their own use during stay.

Will the cleaners visit the condo during my stay?

No.  The cleaners only prepare the condo prior to guest check-in.

I will need a "Pack & Play" at the condo.

A Pack and Play will be provided for your little one.

I will need a high chair.

A high chair will be provided for your little one to use at the dining table.

Will I receive a rental agreement?

Yes.  A rental agreement will be emailed to your family at check-in.
Please note that simply booking the condo does NOT confirm your reservation.
Your family must still confirm your stay by returning the agreement after check-in.

Are credit card payments accepted online?

Yes.  You may pay for your stay online.

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal are all accepted.

How do I book my reservation?

Visit the Reservations page where you can view the condo's availability calendar & nightly rates

Should we stay at the airport on our final night in Orlando?

Often the condo will be booked for the final night of your planned stay.

Consider staying at the airport on your final night if your family will be flying in.

I have a booked reservation but need to add extra nights.

Your family are always welcome to extend your stay by as many nights as needed provided that the condo is still available for your desired dates.
Extra night rates may differ from those of your original reservation.

Is there an elevator at the condo.

Yes.  You are certainly welcome to take the elevator.

How far is the parking lot from the condo?

There is plenty of parking at the Windsor Hills Resort.
You'll find parking spots right outside of the condo.

Is there a parking lot height limit?

No.  There is no height requirement for stored luggage.

Does the water slide have a height limit?

Yes.  There is a height requirement.
Children must be 48" or taller to use the water slide.
However, all children are welcome to enjoy the water bucket splash down area.