Windsor hills pool view condo

Windsor Hills Resort - Windsor Hills - Pool View Condo

Windsor Hills Resort, 3 bedroom, 2 bath pool view condo. 

Featuring pool views from the condo and balcony too. 

Located poolside and close to Walt Disney World.

Condo at the Windsor Hills Resort

This condo features spectacular pool & water park views from the condo's windows and balcony.

It also has elevator service and is closest to the clubhouse.

It's only a short walk from the condo to the Windsor Hills theater, fitness center and marketplace convenience store.

Relax at Windsor Hills Resort

A tropical haven filled with a positive vibe.  A place to relax, rejuvenate and re-energize.

Windsor Hills is Close to Disney World

Windsor Hills is located near all of Disney's major parks:
Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studio.

Windsor Hills water slide

Windsor Hills is close to Orlando attractions

The resort has quickly become one of the most popular resort destinations as it is centrally located near all of Orlando's major attractions including:
Universal Orlando which includes Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure as well as Sea World.

It is also not too far a drive to Legoland which is located in Winter Haven, FL.

Most of our guests who stay at this condo do visit many of Orlando's theme parks during their perfect vacations.

Your whole family will love Windsor Hills

Windsor Hills Resort is a favorite for those parents searching for a safe, family friendly Walt Disney World vacation home where they can not only bring the kids with them but also bring their own parents as well.

Make sure to bring your children's grandparents with you as not only does the condo have three bedrooms for your family to fit comfortably in but your family will love the Windsor Hills Resort in Orlando as much as you will.

Windsor Hills Condo Spectacular Pool Views

This amazing photo was taken from the condo's screened-in balcony.

There is no better place to relax and unwind after a fun day at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Windsor Hills in the evening

Windsor Hills pool is heated all year

No other vacation homes or condos at the Windsor Hills Resort are closer to the amazing lagoon style heated pool and water park than this pool view condo is.

Amazing balcony views of Windsor Hills

We've taken some photos of the condo's beautiful pool views to share with you.

These photos were taken from the screened-in balcony, both in the daytime as well as in the evening, of the Windsor Hills community pool.

So visit the the Pool Views page on this website to see the condo's  Actual Balcony Views!

We are sure you will LOVE the condo even more once you do!

For there is something magical about how the evening lights glisten over the pool.

pool at night

Windsor Hills Resort - Water Park

Did you know that Windsor Hills is not only the perfect place to spend a warm, sunny Orlando day poolside?  It's also the perfect place for your entire family to have some Fun!  Actually you can have lots of fun.

Make sure that when you stay at the Windsor Hills Resort you save some time to spend poolside and enjoy the Sir Aqua fun, soaking wet water park!

Windsor Hills condo is closest
to the water park

Located poolside, and right next to this Windsor Hills condo, the water park features two fun, dueling water slides, as well as the wettest, funnest splash down play area too.

You and your children will love the Sir Aqua Water Park and Water play area.

Stay at this Windsor Hills Pool View Condo and you'll only be steps away from the Windsor Hills fun water park.

Past Guests Rate the Condo 5 Stars  

This Windsor Hills resort condo has received countless five star reviews from families living around the world.

Condo Past Guests from Around the World

From as far away as Australia and New Zealand, and from across the Atlantic in Great Britain and all the way to Iceland this Windsor Hills condo has been the go to destination vacation home for hundreds of families from countries all over world wishing to enjoy their dream Walt Disney World vacation on a warm, sunny Floridian day.

This condo has warmly welcomed guests from cities throughout Brazil and Argentina as well as from warm tropical towns throughout the islands such as Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Windsor Hills Canadian guests call the condo home

We are so honored to have been the vacation home of choice to hundreds of Canadian families throughout the years.

Families who not only wanted to experience a dream Disney World vacation but also get away from the ice cold winters that they so wanted to avoid.

These families love sitting poolside in the early evenings while making new "snow bird" friends each and every day.

Through the years we've shared the condo with families from each and every province in Canada as well as many small towns.

Take a moment to see the hundreds of towns and countries around the world that our wonderful past guests call their home while they are enjoying the Florida sunshine during their stays at the condo.

Book Windsor Hills Condo in Advance

Many guests have stayed at the condo multiple times throughout the years and therefore they've learned to book the condo years in advance to guarantee that their favorite week of the year will be available for them when it is time to leave for their vacation.

Whether it be Christmas week, or a week during the spring time when the children are off from school it is always a great idea to try to plan in advance.

If you are unsure about your travel dates or airline availability you can still contact us and we will try to hold your dates until you can finalize them.

Great times to book the condo

There are so many great times throughout the year to stay at this Windsor Hills Resort condo.

You can stay in July when your entire family has time off or in May which happens to one of the quietest times of the year to stroll around the Magic Kingdom or take the family on a fun day at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

The fall is another great time to visit Walt Disney World especially since the crowds are much less at that time than they are during other times of the year when they have large festivals.

Visit all the attractions near Windsor Hills

Guests staying at Windsor Hills can also visit the parks at Universal Orlando and Sea World.

All of them, along with all four of the Disney theme parks, begin to celebrate the Halloween season in early October and continue the celebration right on through until the Thanksgiving and Christmas season begins.

Ideas for a perfect day at Walt Disney World

These days there is always something fun and exciting happening throughout all the major theme parks.

For example, Disney's Epcot Center features themed events continually throughout the calendar year.

From wine festivals to botanic wonderlands you'll always find a perfect time to visit Epcot Center at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Windsor Hills is perfect for the holidays

How about spending Thanksgiving at this Windsor Hills condo?  Well over 15 families through the years have done just that.  Just bring your turkey pot with you and the condo will have literally everything else you'll need.

So what ever time of year you are considering for your next Walt Disney World vacation plan to stay at this Windsor Hills Pool View condo.

The perfect place to call home during your next Walt Disney World vacation.

The condo is loved by past guests

This Windsor Hills Resort condo rental is truly the luxury vacation home that you have been searching for.

That's why over 900 past guest families have called the condo their home through the years.

Windsor Hills condo kitchen & dining area

Featuring all upgraded furniture throughout including a kitchen that features granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and is fully stocked with all the amenities that you'll want during your stay.

This includes at least an eight piece set of dinnerware as well as corning ware and bake ware.

In addition, there's a waffle maker and a pancake griddle as well as a blender, a mixer and rice cooker.

Windsor Hills condo dining amenities

We know that the same amenities that you want in your own home you'll also want in your Windsor Hills vacation home as well.

That is why you'll find plenty of pots and pans, strainers, steamers and even a crock pot at this condo.

You'll find mixing bowls of all shapes and sizes, salad bowls and bake ware and bake pans too.

Do you enjoy having a warm cup of coffee in the morning while sitting on the balcony overlooking the beauty of the Windsor Hills Resort?

Well choose this condo to have a choice of brewing a cup of coffee with the Keurig coffee machine or simply using the regular coffee maker.

Whichever is your preference you'll be able to start your day with your favorite cup of coffee.

Are some of your family members tea drinkers?
Well no worries they'll be able to brew their favorite cup of tea as well.

Either way, your family will find plenty of Disney cups and mugs of all shapes and sizes during your stay at this Windsor Hills Resort condo.

The condo is perfect for children

After having shared the condo with our wonderful guests now for over 15 years we know that nothing is more important to families traveling all the way to Orlando for their dream Disney World vacation than making sure that their home will be perfect for their little ones.

Safe dining for the children

It is for that reason that this Windsor Hills condo was designed to have everything that your family will need for your littlest of ones throughout your stay.

This Windsor Hills condo has plenty of safe, small size plastic dinnerware for your children and even smaller sizes for the smallest Disney fans in your family.

Actually, you'll find an entire cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to all the things that your youngest children will need.

There are plenty of sippy cups and even a kid's serving tray.

And don’t worry about renting a high chair during your stay.  This Windsor Hills condo has a high chair for just for your little one.

This way your little one can sit with you and your family at the dining room table as you reminisce about all of your favorite memories from the days fun activities at Orlando's magical theme parks.

And don't worry about having to fit a pack and play on the roof of your minivan just so that you won't have to rent one when you get down to Orlando.

You'll find a pack and play for your family to use at this Windsor Hills condo as well.

We know what you expect in your condo

We've had the pleasure of sharing this condo with our guests now since the day the Windsor Hills Resort opened.  Actually we've owned it since even before the resort was built.

The Windsor Hills Resort was still in the planning phase and literally still a forest when we went to the builders and told them that the only vacation home that we wanted at the Windsor Hills Resort was a condo that was to be centrally located in the building that was to be built by the pool.

Specifically the one that would offer the most spectacular pool views at the resort and later the most spectacular water park views at Windsor Hills as well.

Windsor Hills Condo Master Bedrooms

This Windsor Hills Resort condo rental features two king-size master bedrooms.  Each king-size bedroom features spectacular pool and water park views.

The two king-size master suites also feature world-class pillow top mattresses that assure your family the most comfortable night's sleep available at the Windsor Hills Resort.

Actually we once had a guest who loved the mattresses so much that she bought the very same ones and had them shipped to her home in Texas!

Second master artwork

The two king-size masters also feature tropical themes and are beautifully decorated with the most wonderful Disney artwork that we know your family will love.

With a Beauty and the Beast theme in the main master and a Magic Kingdom Main Street theme in the second master you'll never be too far from Walt Disney World even while you are at home dreaming about your perfect vacation at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando.

Second master entertainment

Both master suites also feature large 50" high definition TVs and allow for all streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon prime.  So long as your family has an account with one of the services.

Windsor Hills Condo Third Bedroom

This Windsor Hills Resort condo also features a third bedroom which itself has spectacular pool and water park views only those views are through the screened-in balcony.

The condo's third bedroom features the very same world-class pillow top mattresses that you'll find in the two masters to assure that your children will experience the most comfortable night's sleep that they can while staying at the Windsor Hills Resort.

The third bedroom is decorated with Disney Finding Nemo artwork that your children are bound to love.

The third bedroom has a high large screen, high definition tv as well as a dvd player for your children to use throughout their stay.

So bring along their favorite Walt Disney World movies so they can spend their free time at the Windsor Hills Resort enjoying all of them.

Take a look now and tour the third bedroom.

Windsor Hills Resort Condo Living Area

The living area in this Windsor Hills condo has a queen size sleeper sofa allowing for up to eight guests to sleep comfortably.

So invite your friends, children, parents or grandparents
to spend the week with you at the Windsor Hills resort as you'll have plenty of room.

Windsor Hills condo virtual tour

There is no better way to get a first-hand experience of what to expect once you open the condo's front door for the first time than to take a 360 degree virtual online tour now before you even leave for Orlando.

This website's photo gallery has photos and videos from all of the rooms in the condo as well as it's spectacular pool views.

So grab the family and take an online tour right here on this website now.

We are sure that once you do you'll decide the same thing that hundreds of our other guests have done.

Book this Windsor Hills condo to be your very own.

Windsor Hills entertainment

The living area features a large screen 50-inch HDTV.
It also has a PlayStation 4 for your family to enjoy as well as access to streaming services such as Netflix.

Just make sure that your family has an subscription with those services.

Windsor Hills living Area Pool Views

Of all the amenities that are offered at this Windsor Hills Resort vacation home none compare to its majestic views of the beautiful community pool.

Both in the daytime as the sun shines brightly and in the evening when the pool lights glisten over the pool you'll find this condo's pool views to be truly spectacular.

See for your yourself now and you'll definitely want to book the condo today for your next Disney vacation.

Windsor Hills Resort Cares

That is why we fully know what all of our future guests from around the world not only want in their dream Disney vacation home but also expect.

From 24 hours a day, seven days a week customer service to the friendliest, caring property management Windsor Hills Pool View Condo really cares about our guests.

We realize that you have so many vacation homes to choose from and not just from the Windsor Hills Resort but also vacations homes that are located all around the Walt Disney World and Orlando areas.

That is why we strive to not only offer our wonderful guests the perfect Disney vacation home but also to do so in the friendliest, caring and considerate way that we know how.

We clean, sanitize and disinfect the condo 

We follow the recommendations of the world's leading health agencies:
The New England Journal of Medicine;
The World Health Organization;
The CDC.

Our cleaners follow the best practice standards for:
Thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the condo;
Using only approved high quality cleaning products;
Using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Windsor Hills Resort Security

The Windsor Hills resort is a guard gated community and has staff on duty at the gate 24 hours a day.  Windsor Hills condo and the Windsor Hills Resort are a safe choice for your family's Disney vacation.