Windsor Hills and Peppa Pig theme park

Peppa pig

Windsor Hills Resort
Day trip to Peppa Pig Themepark

Windsor Hills Pool View Condo
is excited to announce:

Peppa Pig theme park
is coming to Legoland in 2022!

Best of all,
Legoland is only a 45 minute drive
from the Windsor Hills Resort.

So by staying at Windsor Hills
you'll actually be closer to Legoland
and Peppa Pig
than if you were to stay on property
at Disney, Universal or Seaworld.

Windsor Hills is closer to Legoland
than are the other major theme parks
in Orlando.

So while planning your next
Walt Disney World vacation

make sure to add one day at Legoland as well.

Especially during the 2022 season.

Windsor Hills Pool View Condo.

The perfect place to call home
during your Walt Disney World
and Peppa Pig vacation.