hot air balloon
Hot air ballooning

Windsor Hills Pool View Condo is the perfect place to watch these magnificent hot air balloons rising just beyond the resort.

They rise early in the mornings just behind the Windsor Hills Resort.

So you'll want to wake up early to see them, but it will be so worth your while.

What better way to start your perfect day than to gaze at these peaceful, beautiful balloons as they pass on by the condo.

Although there is no guarantee that the balloons will be lifting off during your stay one thing we can promise you ...

On those mornings that they do you'll be sure to see them from the condo's balcony.

Windsor Hills during the holidays

The Windsor Hills Resort in Orlando celebrates the holiday season.

This Windsor Hills condo and the resort really are the perfect place to call home during your family's next Walt Disney World vacation.

With three bedrooms and two baths this pool view condo is located only a few minutes away from the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando Florida.

Children will love the new water attractions at the Windsor Hills Resort.
There are two new FUN water slides at Windsor Hills as well as this new water
FUN play area.

The pool is heated to 80 degrees ALL winter longer so stay and play throughout the year.

Windsor Hills Resort and Windsor Hills Orlando Condo rentals - Pool View Condo

The perfect place to call home during your family's next Walt Disney World


Windsor Hills water slide

Windsor Hills Resort Orlando has opened the dueling water slides and water play area today.

So remember to include some fun days at Windsor Hills during your next vacation there.

Windsor Hills Resort and Windsor Hills Pool View Condo

Together are the perfect place to call home during your family's next perfect Walt Disney World vacation.


Windsor Hills Resort Orlando, near Walt Disney World, has announced that the new water slides sadly will not be opened as early as previously announced.

As of today the Windsor Hills Resort does not have a new scheduled opening date.
From what they are telling us the opening my not take place for a long while now.

Located poolside at the Windsor Hills Resort, and literally right downstairs from the condo, the water slides will be perfect for kids of all ages!

Now if only they would open it!

As soon as the resort gives us a new opening date it will be published here on this pool view condo blog

second master furniture

Windsor Hills Resort Orlando - Pool View Condo

Second master has a new look for 2018.

Brand new furniture as well as a brand new 50 inch smart tv.

Now you can stream your favorite Netflix movies from both masters as well as from the living room tv.

So book your stay today at this pool view condo at the Windsor Hills Resort in Orlando Florida.

Windsor Hills really is the perfect place to call home during your next Walt Disney vacation.

Windsor Hills Slide

Windsor Hills Resort Orlando is almost ready to open the new water slide.

Starting to look like it is going to be a lot of fun!

Windsor Hills, however, has just announced that they still do not have an actual opening date for the slides.

Once we hear from the Windsor Hills Resort of a definite opening date for the new slides we will publish them here.

Until then the current, original water slide, will remain open.